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The training we offer

Our approach to training is unique. We believe each company has specific needs and that using 'out-the-box' training can never fulfill that requirement.

All our training is customised for your company and guarentees to get your developers up to speed quickly with the best practices.
We are unapologetic in stating that *none* of our courses can be attended passively. All require both input and actual work from each attendee.
On request, we will provide our own feedback on your attendees. This can be vital for a company interested to know who actively engages during their training as opposed to those that see it as a day off.

For Developers and technology customers

  • ASP.NET MVC 2 days
    • We have discontinued advertising our standard ASP.NET training in favor of this newer technology.
  • JQuery, javascript and JSON 2 days
  • Win32 architecture 2 days
  • PostSharp half day
  • Theory of O/RMs 2 days
    • Attendees get to build their own functionality O/RM tool during this workshop
    • This is vital training for any team using O/RMs, particularly those using more than 1 or that require their staff to understand the actual fundamentals as opposed to having 'single product knowledge'
  • LLBLGen 3 days
  • Entity Framework 3 days
  • LINQ 2 days
  • SQL Server and C#/.NET
  • Firefox 3 addon (extension) development training 2 days

We also offer an advisory consulting service that will assist your company in choosing the best technology, architecture and training for each new project.
This is must for all technology companies.

For business customers

  • Explanation of social media and how to leverage off it half day
  • Introduction to using LaTeX for business 1 day

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