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Our Products

BKS-Delicious: A Visual Studio BKS-Delicious: A Visual Studio ™ addin

We are releasing one of our internal tools to the development community because we feel confident you'll get as much use out of it as we do.
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Exercise Studio Management Exercise Studio Management System

If you own or run an exercise studio of any sort you will need to track your clients; their payments; class schedules; student sign ins; etc... And, this is the software you'll need to successfully run your business.
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Still in beta. Our object relational mapping tool allows for rapid application development and true programmer accelaration. Check back soon for release details.
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BKS-Monitor BKS-Monitor

This product allows central monitoring of activity on a computer. Its use ranges from parents wanting to keep an eye on their children's PC use, to corporates watching for fraud, etc... The product works by taking regular pictures of the user's computer screen and storing these files for later use. This product is currently only available through our consulting engagements.

BKS-License BKS-License

An efficient and reliable licensing manager providing both management and developer functionality has been used successfully on some of our projects already. Check back soon for release details.

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