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BKS-Delicious: A Visual Studio

BKS-Delicious: A Visual Studio

What is it?

This is an addin to Visual Studio tm that allows you to post code to your del.icio.us account.

How do you configure it?

After installing this addin, you will see 2 extra menu options.

One on the main menu:

BKS Delicious Menu

And, another on the context menu when viewing code:

BKS Delicious Context Menu

Before you can start posting, you need to fill out the settings:

BKS Delicious Settings

How do I post?

After setting up the addin, you can select code and use the "Send to Delicious" option on the context menu.

The following window will popup each time you do this:

BKS Delicious Tag

Fill in a tag name and description. If you wish, you can uncheck the "Shared" option to prevent anyone else seeing this post.

Once you have done this, the post is available on your del.icio.us account as normal:

BKS Delicious Your Bookmarks

Clicking on the link will take you to the code which is stored on our server:

BKS Delicious Code

How do you install it?

Copy the supplied files into this folder:

BKS Delicious Install

We specifically have not supplied an installer because we know how developers feel about messing with their machines ... :-p

How can I get it?

This is currently in a closed beta until we can prove stability and usability. Please contact us if you wish to try it out!

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